Accounting Outsourcing

If you are seeking a sophisticated, team-oriented solution with lower overhead then you may want to consider hiring a Finance and Accounting Outsourcing firm like Accounts International to handle your accounting function rather than bringing in a traditional bookkeeper or accounting staff. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, so you decide what should be outsourced and then we’ll work with you to develop cost-effective solutions that fit your specific circumstances. Our core strength lies in our abilities to integrate our financial professionals with your own staff to provide all the accounting support and services to run your business smoothly. We offer clients sophistication and a big picture perspective that involves much more than entering debits and credits accurately into the books. Accounts International will analyze your company’s financial situation, map out a realistic and strategic budget, and set the company on a course to achieve growth and long term goals, while remaining cost effective.

Accounts International’s services comes with a broad and varied team of experts. Unlike a single bookkeeper who may be over- or under-qualified for certain tasks, we assign multiple professionals across skill levels and specialties to each client account, ensuring that every task is handled by the most appropriate personnel. Inherent in this team-based structure is a sense of addressing our client’s needs so they can focus on their core business. Our team-oriented culture means clients can feel confident that their challenges are always met with the full resources of our staff, and not just by a single accountant or bookkeeper working in a silo.

Our financial and accounting outsource team includes certified accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial analysts with in depth knowledge in finance processes and procedures including GAAP, FASB, GAS, etc.  Our services are specifically outsource accounting designed to present companies with an array of flexible choices to assist them at any point along their continuum of their development.  We can complement your existing accounting staff for additional capacity or you can streamline your cost structure by augmenting your staff with our accountants.

Another unique feature of Accounts International support model is that our professionals can work on or off the client site depending on the client need.  Our staff work mostly from the company’s headquarters while using advanced technology and cloud-based systems to keep in constant communication with clients. As a result, clients do not incur the overhead costs that come with housing staff onsite, or the related travel costs.  Our support model offers our client’s scalability by allowing them to use only the level of staff necessary for each task. Our established infrastructure allows you to “hire” an accountant(s) to immediately start streamlining cost. You can request analysis from your assigned staff accountants to generate valuable information to assist in managing the dynamics of your business.  Accounts International can truly customize a solution for every client need.