Accounting Services in Bethesda, MD

Servicing Bethesda,MD and the surrounding DMV metropolitan area, Accounts International is an accounting and advisory services firm providing clients with Accounting and Business Consulting services including accounting, bookkeeping services, financial reporting, business analytics and strategic tax planning/preparation services. We take on the time-consuming challenges of your business – things such as monthly financial statements, bookkeeping, and tax reporting so you can focus on your core business. Whether you are a small, family-owned business, a nonprofit organization, or a company employing 100 plus people, our business accounting services can help you be more profitable, save money, and have more time to focus on what you do best. We provide streamline accounting support and management advice in order to limit risk, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the financial and operational information that is critical to making informed business decisions.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. As part of your financial team, we meet with you often to understand your needs. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with honest, reliable, and quality service. You need the power to use today ’s numbers to identify opportunities, uncover problems, benchmark against competitors, even out cash flow, minimize tax liability, and present the best business case to loan officers and investors. With Accounts International you can have the peace of mind of knowing your finances are being well managed.

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With uncertainty in the economic environment, it becomes very challenging for companies to follow all the regulations and expand their businesses. Companies find it very inconvenient to formulate all the extensive accounting plans correctly, again and again. The challenges require time and attention along with careful management of the finances are very necessary for growth. Therefore an accounting guidance and consulting services are required for businesses which help them to save their time and increase their profits.

Let us handle your business and accounting services in Bethesda, MD and you can make yourself free from all the daunting tasks of filing the right taxes and handling all the payrolls. You can have your peace of mind by handing over the time-consuming tasks to us. We can guide you with detailed plans and can handle your financial problems by giving you reliable solutions. By giving the tasks to us, you can focus on your core operations of the company and flourish and grow your business. The customer centric approach and easy approachability allow us to win the client’s trust. The passionate accountants of our company are available to provide you full and flexible support and can also help you in outsourcing the services.

Tax Preparation and Compliance Bethesda, MD

With a new Congress tax bill passing every year, it is tough for the person who has not much knowledge of accounting and finance to prepare their income competently which could get them the benefit of available credits and inferences. In Bethesda, MD with uncertain and continuously changing tax conditions, it becomes complicated for people to make and update their income plans so swiftly. To address this issue, many tax planning companies assist people in ensuring that their earnings are planned rightly, i.e., neither the people are paying extra tax, nor they are paying less. Accounts International’s strategic tax planning and advisory service help individual and business customers in business tax preparation, tax return preparation, and assessment issues.  Moreover, these services also help individuals with private/company assumptions, the timing of dealings, and the proper form of business things. The Clients of International’s Strategic Tax Planning Advisory include startup companies along with established organizations and individuals.

The perspective of Consultancy firms of Bethesda, MD is tax planning throughout the year, not at the eleventh hour. We believe that it is an ongoing process, and the best way to do the tax planning is by doing strategic planning throughout the year which will have a good impact on client’s finances and business.

We start providing accounting services, MD after a professional from our company meets the client to discuss their current tax status, potential tax effect business activities. Then the next step is to plan the tax services efficiently based on client’s basic needs and requirements. After planning our accounting service professionals in Bethesda, MD hold a meeting with the customers, and this process goes on throughout the year. The clients are informed of current tax situations and are also addressed if they have some issues or queries.

Medical Accounting Bethesda, MD

Communication is imperative to reveal and convey the problems.  Usually, the physicians feel difficult to discuss financial matters. However communication plays an important role in every business which makes is essential for the physicians to convey their financial problems to our team in Bethesda, MD.

For physicians, our Medical accounting services address some areas that require long – year practice between the parties: that are Practice management, revenue generation, and personal taxes.

Practice management:

Practice management is an area in which we help our clients and gives suggestions for best practices which are in accordance with the law.

Revenue generation:

Revenue generation is there to help the physicians who know and understand their field.

Our team of Medical accounting of Bethesda, MD has complete financial management solution on two basic tenets:

  1. Maximize collections
  2. Establish and maintain internal controls

These two aspects need to be weighed in the balance with others aspects like demand on time, information of the workers, level of trust, and structure of the organization.  Medical accounting works on to maximize the collections and also the integrity of internal controls are maintained.

A general framework of point of discussion with physicians typically includes:

  • Practice management;
  • Revenue/Expenses;
  • Personal taxes;
  • Miscellaneous issues.

Practice management:

Physicians and CPAs usually have difficulty in working together due to many reasons. The physician may be very competent in their field of study, but this does not mean that their finance skills are also excellent. So, it is always beneficial for the physician to get assistance from someone with proper knowledge of finances as it is hard for them to stay updated about how the law is changing and how to comply with laws.

Revenue Expenses:

Physicians need to hire a competent accountant for practices. This helps them to make an adequate chart of accounts with a system of check and balance to minimize the risk of fraud.

Personal Taxes:

Our accountants of Bethesda, MD work with physicians to manage and review the practices and give suggestions and also share ideas.


Accounting Outsourcing Bethesda, MD

By leveraging offshore staff, businesses are getting more profitable than by streamlining all the operations. The outsourcings of back-office accounting functions by leveraging offshore resources can typically save up to 40% of the baseline cost structure in Bethesda, MD. Our accounting outsourcing services are giving support to accounting departments, CPA firms, and tax professionals. A client taking these services avails full-time support from experienced and professional staff.

Our financial and outsourced accounting team of Bethesda, MD includes accountants, bookkeepers, and other financial analysts with in-depth knowledge of finance processes and procedures including GAAP, FASB, GAS in Bethesda, MD. The fundamental purpose of these services is to help clients at any stage of their business operations.  These services are provided to fulfill customer’s needs, but it’s totally up to them to select the services they need for which our team will develop a cost effective solution.

The main strength of this service is to incorporate offshore accounting and financial professionals with customer’s own financial team to run the business smoothly.


Business Consulting & Advisory Bethesda, MD

Our accounting services in MD give consultancy services to the clients when they need help in tax, assurance, or business accounting services. Clients mostly see us as their own team, and when they face any problem in their business, they immediately seek help from us. Clients usually ask for help at the time of managing operations while making decisions for starting their business or while planning for business expansion. They also ask for advice in difficult situations. If due to any reason, we don’t have the solution to client’s problem, then we contact with extensive networks of professional service providers outside our company and connect the client to these professionals. Due to Client’s trust on us, they call us first to provide them assistance. Some of the assistances include:

  • Business or estate tax consulting
  • Business valuation
  • Estate planning Forecasts and projections
  • Fraud and forensic accounting
  • Hiring for financial positions
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Industry analysis/benchmarking
  • Litigation support Mergers and acquisitions
  • Operational efficiency reviews
  • Performance and profit enhancement
  • Succession planning


Loss and Fraud Prevention Bethesda, MD

Individuals and business owners can protect themselves from fraud and loss by taking active measures and an approach to identify and prevent losses to protect their possessions.

“Loss Prevention Shield is the foundation of financial risk management for individuals and organizations. Everyone must be proactive in shielding income, assets, and business interest to protect their future livelihood.  Our mission is to minimize the risk of financial loss through analysis and identification of financial risk areas and addressing those risk through developing a loss control program.” Medhat Behnan, President Accounts International, LLC.

A recent survey disclosed that organizations are experiencing more risks than the previous years, and also many organizations faced problems due to a fraud. To prevent this our accountants in Bethesda, MD are available to help individuals and firms by solving problems regarding financial risks.  Accounts Internationals’ team in Bethesda, MD provides “Loss prevention Shield” that aims to eradicate issues that can lead to a financial loss due to a fraud of a trusted advisory. Accounts International in Bethesda, MD provides third party services to their clients to sort out fraud problems.  We assist clients with the analysis and identification of financial vulnerabilities and recommend them strategies to protect themselves.

We ask questions from the client regarding their processes and problems. This helps us to get an insight on their working mechanism.

Loss Prevention Shield supports two primary customer segments:

  • High net-worth individuals (i.e. athletes, actors, entertainers, etc.) who frequently turn over their economic and commerce attention to trusted parties.
  • Businesses and organizations which are vulnerable to fraud by employees due to not having adequate oversight and internal controls.

Numerous cases have occurred previous years where an employee in charge of bank statements and paying invoices would transact some of the money to themselves or another account they could access. In such cases often when the fraud is noticed, the damage is usually done. These frauds typically run in ten thousands of dollars or more. The best solution is to prevent the fraud is to eradicate the causes that can lead to it.  To strengthen the internal controls, one requires a complete assessment of the threats faced along with the level of accessible interior controls by current employees. We work with clients to develop a review of people, process and the technology involved. Then we advise them regarding the steps they need to take to prevent a fraud from occurring.


Book Keeping Services Bethesda, MD

Accounts International’s accountants of Bethesda, MD provide bookkeeping services to small, middle and large sized companies. These services help our clients in deterring risks, minimizing costs. We also assist in streamlining the financial and operational information that is necessary to make business decisions.

The fundamental purpose of bookkeeping in Bethesda, MD is to fulfill needs of the clients and help them in deciding that what should be outsourced. Then, we work with the customer to develop cost-fit solutions that fit client’s specific scenario. We save our client’s time by taking the charge of time-consuming bookkeeping services in Bethesda, MD to give the client more time to focus on core operations.

The most important part of our services is that we want to be a trusted member of the team. For this, we provide our experienced staff on issues related to strategy, operations, and accounting to the clients. In addition to this, we also provide practical and innovative ideas to clients that enable them to save money, improve revenue by increasing the cash flow and expanding the organization.

Services of bookkeeping Bethesda, MD include but are not limited to:

  • Account Payables
  • Reconciliation and Analysis
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal Controls Reviews
  • General ledger and financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Accounting system setup and support
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Personal financial statements