Quick Tips for Business Owners

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Revenue, Revenue, Revenue. Expenses are constantly coming, and in business, the only way to survive is to earn more money than the expenses. Because business doesn't have a salary cap, a business can earn as [...]

Anatomy of a Balance Sheet

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The Balance Sheet is the core financial statement of any business. It’s a “snapshot” in time of your company's health; it provides information at a specific date such as December 31, 2015. However, the Balance Sheet does [...]

Key Elements of Medical Accounting

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There  are several activities owners of medical practices should ensure are executed on a recurring basis to ensure maximum profitability for their business: Cash Payments Reconciliation – Practices which handle a significant amount of cash payments [...]

Why You Don’t Need a Local Accountant or Bookkeeper

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Most communities have at least one bookkeeper who serves the local businesses. They make occasional visits to each client to update the books, prepare payroll, pay bills, and take care of whatever other tasks they’re [...]